About Aquinos Collection


The timeless elegance and the personality of each piece are the fruit of the creativity, the attention and the professionalism of the designers and of the entire manufacturing chain, who put, every day, their passion and experience at your service. The manufacturing expertise has always been combined with research into materials, in order to obtain the best products.


Personal style should be a projection of life itself. As well as the seduction of an house. A world of loved and carefully chosen objects, seductive colors, unique fabrics, choosen from the personal preferences applied to each room. The dense weave of infinite seductions, excites and inspires a new way of proposing the brand and it’s style. It’s the privilege of taste. Exclusively ours.


We manufacture the most high quality products, following stricter rules regarding to the supply of raw materials and productive cycle. A pure quality cycle in constant compliance with the parameters for one excellence achievement.